Singles Tape I

by Never Young

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Recorded at The Atomic Garden in 2015


released October 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Never Young California


"Sonic Youth, At The Drive In and My Bloody Valentine having a menage et trois"


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Track Name: New Villain
Better never came but you were always cool
Twisting out each piece I left inside of you
Didn’t flinch the night you stayed and all of me washed away
But I cried into the morning when I knew I’d never change

I recognize this New Villain
Carved into the outside of your love
I look inside this true feeling
to finally see what I've become

Never better, I was so cruel
Underneath me, broken shadow
I lift my mask then let it down and let the changes take
Oh my burning love affirmed by a similar hate
Track Name: Stress Hed
Stresshead to the bone
Swimming laps in a dark room
Are you sik sik six
Mine the body and push the stone
Made a deal with a strange ghost
And now he comes to me, when I’m in need
Lights a candle and he sets it down
I wait for the wick to burn to the ground

I’m not easy like your other friends

Stresshead in a zone
Stacking glass in a quiet room
Are you sik
Fill the hull, but not the void
“Nothing’s better than some things”
I hear him say from the doorway
Made a deal with a strange ghost
And I know that I see him and he sees me

I’m not easy
Track Name: Latex Heart
Please don’t tell me the truth
I’m never funny around you
But you said to hang around
Because you liked my broken smile

Punched in the window and climbed through
Picked up the glass around your room
Turned on the lights and I broke down
and sat around

Come lay down every fear
Down every fear, I’ll be

Please don’t tell me the truth
I’m always bleeding around you
But you loved my latex heart
I want to tear your pain apart